Real Estate Law

Attorney Lipton provides comprehensive legal representation and counsel to a wide range of clients involved in residential and commercial real estate matters.  HIs clients include buyers, sellers, investors, property owners/managers, developers, landlords and tenants.

Real Estate Law services include:

  • Purchases and refinances.
  • Buyer and seller representation in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate.
  • Conducting real estate closings for the purchase of residential and commercial real estate including lender and buyer representation.
  • Issuance of owners and lenders title insurance policies as authorized agent for:

    Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

    First American Title Insurance Company

    Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

  • Resolution of real estate property title problems.
  • Preparation of documents and setting up legal structure of condominiums and representation of condominium boards.
  • Residential and commercial leasing.
  • Real estate tax abatements.
  • Lender negotiation for past due mortgages.

Why you should utilize the services of an attorney in the Purchase and Sale of residential real estate.

For most people, buying or selling their home will be the biggest financial transaction of their lives.  It is important to work with an attorney throughout the process, especially relating to the negotiation of the sale contract, which in Massachusetts is typically called the "Purchase and Sale Agreement" or the "P&S."  Buyers and sellers have specific concerns which must be addressed in the Purchase and Sale Agreement. 

Some concerns include:

  • Selecting a closing date that may need to take into consideration timing issues relating to a subsequent purchase by the seller or a sale of a current residence by the buyer.
  • Negotiating matters arising from the home inspection.
  • Addressing title related matters including delays in closing caused by defects in the seller’s title.
  • Addressing mortgage financing requirements and deadlines.
  • For condominiums, providing for the review of condominium documents, including Master Deed, Condominium Trust and Rules and Regulations, and reviewing condominium association financial documents to insure that there is nothing in the documents that will adversely affect buyer’s ownership.
  • Protecting rights of buyers or sellers.

Attorney Lipton has extensive experience in helping buyers and sellers negotiate the purchase or sale of residential real estate.  His proven expertise can help you make your best deal, protect your rights and ultimately save you money.